Courses in English

Speedboat courses in english.  If you are over 16 years old and lives in Denmark, you can now follow our speedboat course in English.   When you order the course you will be provided with english materials¨so you can read in advance before we meet.  The course is from Friday at 17 till 22 and again Saturday and Sunday from 10 till arround 17. The first evening we will work indoors with theory and tie knots. Saturday and sunday we work arround and on the boat to give you the needed skills.  Sunday at 14.00 the censor comes along and the test starts.  You do not have to bring photos or safety west, just order the course here listed under "speedbådskort" and "Courses in English", and you are ready to read in a matter of minutes.  Hope to see you in Skovshoved just 7 kilometers north of Copenhagen.

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